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Creating My Self

This poem is inspired by the banner on Life’s Fine Whine.

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I’m creating myself today
With some scraps and threads;
Things I almost threw away;
An old garment in tatters and shreds.


The bits of thread are hopes and dreams
Saved for quite a while;
Memories of ideas and schemes;
So many of them just make me smile.


It’s good I kept all the treasures;
That truly is wise;
Though subtle, they bring such pleasure,
Even when they come in a disguise.


Though tattered, garments are so warm,
Filled with feelings dear;
Like patches in a quilt they form
Parts of my self so precious and clear.


Tomorrow I will start again
To build one called me;
To make this self my very best friend;
A new creation I’ll ever be!



There is a way to know
That I am healthy and strong:
It’s when I check inside
To hear my own heart’s song.


A constant melody
That is played both day and night;
With some variations
And shades of soft and bright.


Music with a story
With all that life brings to me;
The things light and funny,
Or taken seriously.


The times I get concerned
And know I’m about to fall
Are when I check inside
To find no song at all.


Play on, oh heart of mine,
Share songs both joyful and sad.
When I hear you singing,
I know life’s not so bad.


I will always listen
To your music, dearest friend.
You always tell the truth;
On you I can depend.


When I was a child,
I learned many things;
Some of them were helpful,
The sort that growing brings.
Then there were the others:
“Truth” that seemd to work back then;
The lessons that needed to change
If misery was to end.


“My own needs don’t count;
Don’t think, talk or feel.”
Are rules that had to go
So I’d be free to heal.
That I am a person;
Truth of real humanity;
Whole and acceptable as one
Who is learning how to be.


Living is a process
Of learning, growth and change;
It’s part of how we’re made;
It really isn’t strange.
As you search for new truth,
Choose paths of discovery
May you encounter in yourself
The strength of recovery.


Some might think of soul food as things like hush puppies or gumbo,
But there is true nourishment for our souls,
Far more nebulous; yet tangible indeed:


A word of encouragement,
A loving touch,
A prayer offered at just  the right moment;
A hug when we need it so much.


An unexpected phone call,
A friendly smile;
A compassionate person who listens
Or just sits with us for a while.


These are the things that fill us,
That warm our souls;
That give nourishment and strength so we live
As we’re meant to be, well and whole.


I threw my running shoes away today.  It was a big decision:  This means that, when life gets uncomfortable and I feel overwhelmed, I need to stay present.

I’ve had them for a lot of years.  They were developed through a number of situations, wounds and dynamics that caused me to “exit.”  (Old Snagglepuss had nothing over me!)

There are lots of ways to run:
Physically leaving
Burying oneself in activities and obligations
Becoming so involved in others, there is no room for oneself

Avoiding deep thought or conversation
Drinking and drugging
And oh so many more

Sometimes, running is wise.  If you are in a hurtful situation, please have the good sense to get out of there!

Then, there is the running that hurts instead of helping, when relationships can’t grow or we are so outside of ourselves we can’t be present.  This often happens when we have been through trauma.  At the time, it was a helpful tool, but later, it will kill us, sometimes physically; most times emotionally.

What color are your running shoes?  How do you escape the pain of your past and the challenges of your present?  what will it take for you to throw them away?  Who will help you?

For me, the choice to stop running is wonderful!  I feel whole and free; I can be present to myself and others; joy, peace, hope, love and beauty are mine.


Wholeness has been a fashionable word for many years, so its meaning  is worth consideration.
I have often had people tell me I am not whole, because I can’t see.  They are missing the point.
Wholeness is not about perfection in mind, emotions or body.  It is not about being flawless in thought, word or deed.

It is about knowing and accepting ourselves as we are, strengths, frailty, quips, down side and all.
Wholeness includes our whole process of growing, healing, learning, accomplishing, rest, enjoyment and delight.  It is made of our dreams, hopes, fears, doubts, struggles and victory.
As a whole person, I grant myself the same mercy, compassion, hope, joy, peace and love that god shows me.
There seems to be a strong temptation to make up for who we are or to be more than what we have been created to be:  We work so hard to live and do beyond our limits, hiding in shame and embarrassment when we think we have been or done less than we should.
That is not God’s way for us.  He says we are good, remarkably and wonderfully made.
Papa likes to brag about His kids!