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What Could This Treasure Be?

I briefly held a treasure;
It’s one I rarely see;
With many facets bright and clear
What could this treasure be?


Its beauty brought me pleasure
That caused my heart to sing;
Delighted as I drew it near,
What did this treasure bring?


A moment of clairty;
A glimpse of something more;
A word of truth within my soul;

Secrets I’m looking for.


Such a nebulous treasure;
One that must be set free,
For I am made to grow and change;
This treasure that is me.



When you find yourself
Taking life too seriously;
When all reflections
Seem arduous,
Give your mind a break:
Find something to laugh at
Or smile about;
Then sit back,
Relax and enjoy.

When healing and growth
Have become too laborious;
Self discovery
Is confusing,
Give your soul a break:
Draw out fond memories
And treasure them;
Tarry there;
Relax and enjoy.

When time spent alone
Has become too isolated;
When self discipline
Has turned rigid,
Give your heart a break.
Find someone to visit
Who brings you cheer;
Share some life;
Relax and enjoy.