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My Home



Being at home in my self

The home in which I live
Is simple and clean,
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re living at all,
You know what I mean:
There are always improvements,
Chores to be done;
Rearranging of furniture,
Fixing this thing and that one…
It seems something is always amiss!

I’ve learned to be at peace
In this home of mine.
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re being at all,
We are of one mind:
There is always new learning,
Wounds to be healed,
Discoveries of every nature,
Knowing how to love and feel;
Such is being at home like this.



How can it be
That thoughts and feelings
Can be so old;
Yet so new,
all at the same time?

What is this thing
Called experience,
Yet different;
That challenges us so?

Are they blessings
In subtle disguise
To help us grow,
Make us strong;
Part of who we are?

How do we know
That we are choosing
Paths to wholeness
Set for us,
Holding such promise?

Though we don’t see
The work being done
By healing grace,
She builds us,
She’s making us whole.

On this journey
Through something called life,
Hope and wisdom
Go with me
Until I finish.


Sometimes, I think dividing my inner world From the one around me is like sorting laundry.   I also think it can be just as messy.
What belongs to me?
whose is this other thing?

I have yet to find a flawless way to do this, especially when relationships and situations confuse me; when the feelings are so varied and powerful.

Here is a bit of what I understand:
The thoughts, interpretations and feelings are mine.  They are valuable:  That is how I know my own experience.
Others’ words and actions belong to them.  I can’t make them think, say or do anything.
This one works in reverse:  They don’t have that kind of power over me either.

I am learning to draw aside when thoughts and feelings overwhelm; during times of confusion:  If I am to walk out each day of my life, I have to get my footing.


Colors and whites;
Darks and brights;
Delicate here;
Bluejeans there;
It’s time to sort the laundry.

Thought, feeling,
These are my own
I alone
Take responsibility.

Not for me
Not meant to be
Are words and things
Another brings
That power is his completely.

Sometimes I rest
To know best
The lines between
“Them” and me.
Till I can see more clearly.

Then I can find
Peace of mind;
My footing sure,
Heart secure;
I learn to live more truly.


I am a mosaic
Of feelings, thoughts and moods;
Tiny pieces of glass,
Put together
Until there is a picture
Of me.

Cheerful pinks and yellows
Join blues and greens to shine;
Telling happy stories
Of memories
Of hopes, joys, dreams and wishes
To be.

Then there’s whine and purple:
No error in spelling here!
Dark, subdued grays and brown
Set without cheer;
Put there by hard times and pain
In me.

Reds and oranges speak out
To tell of angry thoughts:
Of fear and injustice
Strong words and deeds
Battles lost and victory
To see.

Gold and mauve, black and white
Fill out the picture here
Of places not yet formed;
Yet unconceived,
Where past and future will meet
as me.