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How Is Your Diet?


A friend of mine was sharing that he is on a negativity fast.  This entails checking himself every time he starts to think in a way that brings him down.

One secret to his fast is taking care to avoid news and conversations that feed his mind with sorrow, fear, anger, gossip or distress.

This raises a very important question for each of us:  What are you eating these days?  You could apply this to your physical diet, but I’m after your soulful one.  The music, stories, movies, news and conversations that we take in have a direct impact on how we think and feel.  All of this in turn affects our physical well being.

I do find that an occasional “fast” is very good for our souls.  That might mean skipping a rather dark movie or show, choosing some gentle music or avoiding newscasts for a couple of days.  It also means finding a quiet moment each day to pray or meditate.  It’s amazing how a little time to reflect and ponder wil detox us!

Then there are the positive things that build us up:  Time with a good friend who encourages us; conversations that spark new ideas; sermons, books and music that inspire.

One of my sisters finds that art refreshes her; another likes books.  I like playing and listening to music.  A neighbor and I both agree that our gardens are the best “prayer closets.”
What is your preference?
other?  (You get the idea, yeah?)

One thing I have learned:  Choosing your soulful diet takes as much determination and clarity as choosing your physical diet does.  It is at least as important:  Wellness is built from the inside out.

Bien provecho….bon appetit…enjoy!



Lovely hair, deep blue eyes;
A smile that melts your heart;
Soft, dewy skin with a radiant glow;
These are all a proper start.
But lovelier still is a beautiful soul,
Formed by hardship and blessings.
The one who has conquered and overcome;
Growing from all of life’s lessons.



Etiquette, manners sweet;
Fashion that looks just right;
Talent and scholastic accomplishment
Admired for being bright.
But more luminous still is a loving heart,
Tender and open to all;
Whose compassionate ways honor others;
This is most beautiful of all.


Outward poise, appearance:
Desirable indeed;
Learning all the skills for society;
Will help you live and succeed.
But the deepest, most everlasting beauty
Can’t be honed or used to win;
It’s only authentic living that brings
Beauty that comes from within.


In a world full of noise,
Where chatter and chaos reign,
I’ve learned to create a place
That is free from all the strain.
That oasis is within my soul
Where it can be protected;
It’s part of all that makes me whole,
Where my true self is reflected.
In places harsh and loud
Where a heartbeat can’t be heard,
I have learned to guard my soul
And to govern every word.
So that I live in solitude
To share with those around me
As a token of gratitude
For the peace and joy that ground me.


Perhaps one of the most important lessons I have had in my life is that I need to guard my heart.  Once in a while, I seem to need a refresher course on this one!


You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”  Well, that is true soulfully as much as it is physically.  The choices are just as varied…and as difficult to make sometimes…as physical food.


So, from our souls’ points of view, what is a heart-healthy diet?


*One that is clean:  Free from toxins like negativity, criticism, ridicule, bullying or other forms of degradation.


*Things that detoxify us, such as meditation, music, art, sleep, laughter and play.


*Nutrient-dense foods, like love, affection, friendship, wise counsel and encouragement.


*Soul-building items – Accomplishment, creativity, discipline, volunteering and giving to others.


*Good basic chow – Self talk that reminds us of who we are and what we’re about.  I recently heard a wonderful definition of meditation:  ” Thinking that makes us healthy.”



Foods to avoid:


*Anything that contributes to “heart disease” by tearing us or others down:  Gossip, name calling, manipulation, exclusion, abuse.
(Some sources of such destructive items in this category might not be as obvious – A good deal of “news,” movies, books, TV shows and just careless talk.  One of the more troubling sources can be people who love us:  Family, spouses, friends, neighbors, Church members, co-workers..)


*”Junk food”:  People, media and anything else that steals our energy, making us complacent, lethargic or lazy; things that “uninspire” us; things that waste time and energy.


How important is your soul’s diet?

Proverbs 4:23 puts it this way:
“Above everything else guard your heart, because from it flow the springs of life.”


When I’m still enough to listen,
My soul whispers to me.
She tells me many secrets
About what is and what could be.


Often, her whisper is singing
Or poetry and rhyme.
Once she spoke in cries and wails;
I hear her whispers all the time.


I find her to be elusive,
If I try hard to hear,
It seems that she moves away;
Perhaps she tries to disappear.


I know to treat her with honor
And show her love each day.
That’s when she is most happy
So that she has plenty to say.


My heart sings a song,
Heard only by me.
Sometimes, it’s loud;
More often, it’s soft and sweet.


This song in my heart
Has played a long time.
Built day by day,
It’s impossible to rhyme.


The song still goes on,
Like a faithful friend,
A companion
Whose presence will never end.