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Who Am I Anyway?

Often soft,
Filled with thoughts of play;
Other times firm;
Who am I anyway?


Sometimes clear,
I’ve plenty to say;
Then I’m confused;
Who am I anyway?


So fluid;
Changing day by day;
Still questioning,
Who am I anyway?


So it is
That I have to say,
Ever searching,
Who am I anyway?



Who is most proud of you?
Who shows you acceptance and approval?
Who truly believes in you, no matter what; even when you don’t live up to expectations?
Who is quickest to forgive you?
Who can laugh at your silliness and excuse your mistakes?
Who loves you, anywhere, any time?


Hopefully the first and most important person on your list of answers is


Dare to live as the
Individual that you are;
Free to think and believe;
Free to choose and take a stand;
Executing decisions according to your vision;
Responsible for the outcomes,
Even when things don’t quite turn out.
Never sell your birthright
To the opinions and propoganda of others.


My best friend knows me well:
My likes and dislikes;
Pains, concerns and fears;
Greatest dreams and visions;
Stories of many years.



My best friend always cares:
In difficult times;
Seasons of distress;
On happy occasions
When life seems to be best.



My best friend accepts me:
Even when I’m weak;
Out of sorts or sad;
When I am self-absorbed;
And feeling rather bad.



My best friend is present:
With me every day;
Faithful to the end;
No matter where I am;
I am my own best friend.



Sometimes, I’d do well
To take lessons from my cat:
She’s really quite smart;
Let’s talk about that!

She knows what she wants;
An expert in self esteem;
Makes up her own mind;
Doesn’t need “a team.”

She knows when to purr;
When it pays can be quite sweet,
And when things get tough,
She lands on her feet.

She’s not too concerned
About what others might say;
In her opinion,
She’s more than okay!

If I could just learn
To think of myself like that;
I might have to take
Lessons from my cat.


I seem to need reminders
Of wisdom that is true:
I can only be myself
And act as I’m called to do.


I can’t be what others want,
Or tuck myself away;
To meet with their approval:
The price is too high to pay.


If I want true acceptance,
To know prosperity,
I must live from inside out
With love and integrity.


I’m grateful for reminders:
Distractions have a way
Of trying to confuse me
So I feel less than okay.


AS I grow more confident
In my identity,
I need fewer reminders;
It’s so pleasant just to be.


We become whatever we imagine, which is fed by the “food and water” we ingest:  All that we listen to, people we hang out with, books we read, things we watch, past experiences…


What is feeding your imagination?  Do you have a healthy, clean, nourishing diet of love and promise?  Do you feast on peace, hope and joy?  Do you drink the water of forgiveness?  Do you dine with people who comfort and encourage you?  Do you season your food with discipline, correction

and challenges?


One of the most powerful discoveries in recent years has been that our brains are “plastic.”  They build new neuro pathways whenever we are injured or encounter fresh challenges.  This may seem to apply on a physiological basis alone, but the truth is, our hearts and minds are built in exactly the same way.


We have the power to choose the food and drink for our souls.  We can learn truth and develop fresh perceptions or we can rehearse old lies and injuries.


Many things on the dining table” are words and events in our past that have told us who we are.  Some are life giving; some are not.  The antidote for the hurtful ones is forgiveness.  This releases us from the tether of the past and sets a new standard, making a brighter future possible.


Were some of those things said or done by you?  I think the hardest person we ever have to forgive is the one who looks back at us in the mirror.  Then we move on to parents, siblings, teachers and others.


Invite people who are on paths that lead to wholeness and success to join you.  We become like those we hang out with:  Entertain the “I’m nothing but a loser” crowd, you will follow right along; choose the ones who are “going for the gold,” you will be at the finish line with them.  I’m sure this is nothing new to you.  Mothers, fathers, grandparents and teachers tell us to choose our friends carefully from the time we start first grade!


Most important, befriend yourself.  After all, you are the one with whom you live, everywhere, all the time.  It’s hard to treat yourself with love and kindness if you don’t like who you are.  On the other hand, if you become comfortable in your own skin, choosing well becomes a way of



There is a saying:  “People of equal health attract.”  AS you become clearer about yourself, others have less power over you.  You recognize lies, pitfalls and possible injury before you walk into them.
As your vision clears because there are fewer toxins, be sure to feed your soul with truth.  Who are you?  What is good, wholesome and strong?  What do you like?  What are your dreams?  Who do you know that brings out the best in you?


Bon appetite!