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What Could This Treasure Be?

I briefly held a treasure;
It’s one I rarely see;
With many facets bright and clear
What could this treasure be?


Its beauty brought me pleasure
That caused my heart to sing;
Delighted as I drew it near,
What did this treasure bring?


A moment of clairty;
A glimpse of something more;
A word of truth within my soul;

Secrets I’m looking for.


Such a nebulous treasure;
One that must be set free,
For I am made to grow and change;
This treasure that is me.


Custom Designed

My life is custom designed,
Not cut from a general blueprint;
Nor colored with neutrality;
Instead, it shines with patterns
That are uniquely mine.


There might bne some common themes,
Shared by the rest of humankind;
Questions and answers that elude;
Varied shades of unknowing;
Fears, hopes, feelings and dreams.


How this all fits together
Is an unsolved mystery to me;
With unexpected twists and turns;
Answers that lead to questions;
Gray is somehow better.


I learn as long as I breathe;
The value in who I become;
What seemed like junk is a treasure;
Ever newly discovered;
Unique one that is me.


Illusion or knowing;
Artificial or real?
Clarity unfolding
Till I understand what I feel.


Disclosing, yet clouded;
Hidden, yet in plain view;
Perceptions blend and fade
Till I struggle to know what’s true.


Sometimes trash, yet treasure
A favor in disguise;
All things work together
Till I am mature and more wise.


Journey never ending;
Discovery goes on,
Things old, yet never known
Are parts in my on-going song.


I used to dream exquisitely
About the possibilities;
I had no thought of how or why;
I simply reached to touch the sky.


Then somehow, my dreaming died.
I could not find visions inside
Nor imaginative desire;
No enthusiasm or fire.


Where could I find my inward song;
That force that feeds and keeps me strong?
I asked and searched in every place;
Worked hard and joined in every race.


But dreaming just eluded me
Until I couldn’t feel or see.
I found it hard to check within;
I had no sense of where I’d been.


But as I’ve healed and found my heart,
My song begins and visions start
To rise and swell in harmony,
Like blood and breath that flow through me.


Now it seems I’m dreaming again;
Possibility is my friend,
As my soul begins to declare
All of the secrets hidden there.


What makes a heart beat
And breath within us flow?
Oh, there are physical mechanics;
This I already know.


What gives us purpose
Or meaning to our lives?
Oh, there are goals and occupation;
But what brings us to strive?


What gives living form
And what defines being?
That is like trying to shape the wind
Into a solid thing!


As clouds of confusion dissipate
And the sun of knowing shines,
I see more clearly.


As the clammer of voices grows still
So that I speak my own words,
I hear accurately.


As the dullness of repression lifts
So that I feel my own heart,
I learn who I am.


It’s hard to whistle in the dark
When you walk in the light;
To hold onto fears
When it’s sunny and bright.
Oh, needs and distresses
Will turn up, it’s true;
But that’s just part of healing;
Of building the authentic you.
You can try to find distractions
So that you might delay
The work of healing
That brings a better way.
You’ll feel so much better
When you heed the call
To conquer those old monsters;
To stand triumphantly and tall.
You’llĀ have the greatest victory
After the toughest fight;
The sweetest reward
Is knowing truth so right.
The process of walking
Helps us learn to stand;
Knowing true identity
Leads to establishing life’s plan.