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Standing tall;
Taking charge;
Remaining strong,
Even when there is conflict.
Networking well;
Growing each day;
Thinking and feeling clearly;
Healthy in body, heart and mind.




Sometimes, I’d do well
To take lessons from my cat:
She’s really quite smart;
Let’s talk about that!

She knows what she wants;
An expert in self esteem;
Makes up her own mind;
Doesn’t need “a team.”

She knows when to purr;
When it pays can be quite sweet,
And when things get tough,
She lands on her feet.

She’s not too concerned
About what others might say;
In her opinion,
She’s more than okay!

If I could just learn
To think of myself like that;
I might have to take
Lessons from my cat.


Give yourself a present
That’s neither large nor small;
That might be hard to see;
Not tangible at all.

Give yourself a present
That warms and cheers your soul;
That brings you joy and hope
And tells you that you’re whole.

Give yourself a present
That only comes from you;
Honest and courageous,
To govern what you do.

Give yourself a present
That helps to plan and dream
Of possibilities
That build your self esteem.

Give yourself a present
That brings such sweet release;
From painful doubt and fear
To faith, hope, love and peace.

Give yourself a present
That frees you from your past
That heals old offenses
So you live well at last.


I often find myself in a place that is “sort of” okay, but not really.  It isn’t exactly abusive; yet I feel “less than” and like “the odd one out.”   It’s a little easy for me to hang out in this swamp called Sort Of because I have a lot of experience there.  That means it’s so familiar, I am often sitting right in the middle of it, stuck with no clue as to how I got there or how to get out, before I finally realize where I am.

I bet there are plenty of you who know what I mean:
*The “friendship” in which you do all of the calling and initiating.  Oh, the person is glad to go to coffee when you invite; he or she likes to visit, mostly about him/herself, but doesn’t want to hear about the meaningful things in your life.

*The job that is just okay.  You don’t mind what you do, but you don’t like it either.  Others seem to be called on for special projects and recognition, getting promotions and building friendships, while you are treated courteously enough but are not really included.

*The house that keeps you out of the wind and rain; yet it is not really comfortable or nice.  You have that poster over the hole in the wall; you clean the mold out of the bathroom on a regular basis, only to have it come back.

So here’s the big question:
What would you like to do about these “sort of okay” situations?

If you are like me, you fall into some confusion at this point:  You will have to determine what you want; then set goals to get there.

So, let’s walk through this:
+What is your current “sort of” situation or relationship?
+What kind of situation or relationship would you like to have instead?  (Keep in mind, a step up is one in the right direction.)
+What are your options?
+Can you create or build some more options?
+Now, of all the possibilities, both existing and created by you, which are the most desirable?
+Now, from your short list, which one can you accomplish?  How?

Okay, that wasn’t so bad, right?
to quote a cousin of mine,
“You can do it, so get to it!”