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Custom Designed

My life is custom designed,
Not cut from a general blueprint;
Nor colored with neutrality;
Instead, it shines with patterns
That are uniquely mine.


There might bne some common themes,
Shared by the rest of humankind;
Questions and answers that elude;
Varied shades of unknowing;
Fears, hopes, feelings and dreams.


How this all fits together
Is an unsolved mystery to me;
With unexpected twists and turns;
Answers that lead to questions;
Gray is somehow better.


I learn as long as I breathe;
The value in who I become;
What seemed like junk is a treasure;
Ever newly discovered;
Unique one that is me.



Young Girl Playing By Herself --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Be yourself;
Empowered and real.
Add to that honesty,
Unafraid to grow and heal.
Then, ad grace and compassion;
You understand how others feel.

These are the inward things
It takes to make beauty shine;
Purpose and identity;
Sincerity of heart and mind.


What makes a heart beat
And breath within us flow?
Oh, there are physical mechanics;
This I already know.


What gives us purpose
Or meaning to our lives?
Oh, there are goals and occupation;
But what brings us to strive?


What gives living form
And what defines being?
That is like trying to shape the wind
Into a solid thing!