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My Home



Being at home in my self

The home in which I live
Is simple and clean,
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re living at all,
You know what I mean:
There are always improvements,
Chores to be done;
Rearranging of furniture,
Fixing this thing and that one…
It seems something is always amiss!

I’ve learned to be at peace
In this home of mine.
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re being at all,
We are of one mind:
There is always new learning,
Wounds to be healed,
Discoveries of every nature,
Knowing how to love and feel;
Such is being at home like this.



I invited you,
At least I thought I did;
But you kept telling me, “no,”
And now I have moved away.

So what has happened?
Did I misunderstand?
Sometimes I don’t trust myself
To know what is me or not.

I looked for a friend;
I looked for ways to join,
But now I find myself here,
Misunderstood and alone.

What could I have done?
Self doubt shouts in my heart.
I tried to be as you want;
I tried to remake myself.

Now I stand confused;
My self lost and broken.
Do I keep inviting you?
Or let go and walk away?


Such ambivalence
Troubles me day and night.
I could have…but I did try;
I wrestle until I know.


And so my struggle
Continues as I mourn
What might have been or could be.
I will heal and try again.


I want to have a sweet soul;
Free to believe,
To give and receive;
I truly want to be whole.

To have this I must forgive.
To lay down pain,
Choose loving again;
So that I truly can live.

Bitterness is poison to me;
Deadly potion
Puts into motion
Power of death and misery.

Though I might remember wrongs,
I let them go,
So I’m free to grow;
Becoming wiser and strong.

As I choose to love each day,
I awaken,
Old things forsaken,
I have found the sweeter way.


Today you have power
In the choices you make;
To grow and build
Or tear down.

Today sets your future
By the actions you take;
To find new ways
And move on.

The possibilities
Are at your fingertips;
You have the power;
To choose well.

All that is in your past
Are materials for this:
To overcome;
To find health.


How can it be
That thoughts and feelings
Can be so old;
Yet so new,
all at the same time?

What is this thing
Called experience,
Yet different;
That challenges us so?

Are they blessings
In subtle disguise
To help us grow,
Make us strong;
Part of who we are?

How do we know
That we are choosing
Paths to wholeness
Set for us,
Holding such promise?

Though we don’t see
The work being done
By healing grace,
She builds us,
She’s making us whole.

On this journey
Through something called life,
Hope and wisdom
Go with me
Until I finish.


In his book, “Let’s Just Laugh At That,” Steve Backlund says that God laughs at the plans of His enemy, so we need to learn to laugh, especially when it comes to lies.  He says laughing is the best way to take the power out of them.

So, here are some for you to laugh at.

BTW:  If you find it difficult to laugh at a particular lie, you probably need to laugh the hardest at that one.



You’re less than okay
Because you’re too fat;
Your hair is too thin;
Let’s laugh at that!

You’re unsuccessful
Because you don’t make
six figures plus;
Laugh till you shake!

Your imperfection
Is your biggest flaw;
You’ll never be right;
Laugh:  ha ha ha!

And now for some truth
That will set you free
To be who you are;
And help you see:

You are in process,
Precious, loved and whole;
Priceless creation,
Beautiful soul.

There’s another cause
For laughter and cheer:
The joy of a life,
That’s held so dear.

Heartily laugh then,
A happy guffaw!
Snickers and giggles,
Ah, ha ha ha!


Like a moth who is drawn to a flame,
I want to come close;
Yet it hurts me so.
I’m so ambivalent.

I look hard for every strategy
never finding it;
Feeling defeated.
I try another way.

I taste the sweetness of affection,
Awakening desire;
Drawing me to the fire.
It keeps me hanging on.

I summon the courage to resist,
Standing firm and tall;
Try not to feel small.
I’m strong and do my best.

Yet I long for companions and friends;
Bravely take the risk
Hoping to find bliss
In love and acceptance.

Such a cycle I find myself in,
Seeking friends who stay;
Then I run away
To turn and try again.