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Who Am I Anyway?

Often soft,
Filled with thoughts of play;
Other times firm;
Who am I anyway?


Sometimes clear,
I’ve plenty to say;
Then I’m confused;
Who am I anyway?


So fluid;
Changing day by day;
Still questioning,
Who am I anyway?


So it is
That I have to say,
Ever searching,
Who am I anyway?




I have discovered that, no matter how difficult a day has been; no matter how painful or frustrating, I can go to sleep knowing there will always be another sunrise.
Each new day brings fresh opportunities.  I can heal, grow and try again; I can let go of past wounds, find new truth and do something I couldn’t do before.
There is no such thing as going back; we can only move forward one step at a time;
Then, before we know it, years and miles are between us and the past; brighter days are ahead!