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My Home



Being at home in my self

The home in which I live
Is simple and clean,
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re living at all,
You know what I mean:
There are always improvements,
Chores to be done;
Rearranging of furniture,
Fixing this thing and that one…
It seems something is always amiss!

I’ve learned to be at peace
In this home of mine.
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re being at all,
We are of one mind:
There is always new learning,
Wounds to be healed,
Discoveries of every nature,
Knowing how to love and feel;
Such is being at home like this.




I was traveling through life.
I thought I was all right;
Then, I fell and cut my knee.
It bled,
The wound was deep.
When it finally healed,
There was a scar.

At last, my journey resumed.
I was doing just fine;
Then, I was caught in a storm.
It rained.
The wind blew hard,
Threw me against a wall;
Another scar.

Oh, these many scars of mine,
Incurred as I have lived;
I thought they might be ugly;
Then learned
They’re for beauty,
Like etchings or stained glass;
Lines in carvings.

I truly don’t understand
How this happens at all;
That life brings us injury
And scars
That turn lovely
As we become mature;
Such mystery!


In my soul, there’s a secret place,
Not even known by me;
It’s a   deep and untamed space
I’ve yet to explore and see.

In my heart, there’s a symphony
Music I’ve never heard;
With cadence and melody,
Strange and unfamiliar words.

In my mind, where a puzzle sits
I search to find the clues,
Made of mysterious bits;
They’re often easy to lose.

I’ve discovered much, and yet
There’s so much more to know,
I move on, my eyes are set
On this elusive goal.