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Christmas Card 2016

65260e8975ef316d224b2b3711e65bb4May the greatest gift you give or receive this year be the peace and joy you find in your own heart.



When you discover
The journey isn’t over,
Take heart:
It’s meant to last a lifetime.


Shortcuts might seem nice,
However, there’s such a price;
Don’t pay;
You really have a lifetime.


When it seems so long;
You feel far more weak than strong;
Move on;
Your strength will last a lifetime.


When you finally see
The whole point is the journey;
It is yours for a lifetime.


My heart sings a song,
Heard only by me.
Sometimes, it’s loud;
More often, it’s soft and sweet.


This song in my heart
Has played a long time.
Built day by day,
It’s impossible to rhyme.


The song still goes on,
Like a faithful friend,
A companion
Whose presence will never end.


In the play, “The Music Man,” Professor Hill tells Winthrup, “I always believe there’s a band.”
Now that 2015 is over and 2016 is here, what does the band look and sound like for you?
Will some of the clammer and sour notes of the past die away, replaced with sweeter ones?
Will the slow tempo of sorrow pick up into a quicker beat of hope and joy?
Will the melody and cadence take some unexpected directions that bring you intrigue and plenty to explore?
Will the harmony draw you in until you join the march…or dance?

May all of this be so for you:
May the pain of loss and past injury fall away;
May your heart find joy and solace instead.
May you gain fresh perspective and wisdom,
Until your eyes twinkle and your face shines;
Until you join in the dance of happiness.
Here’s to a fantastic year!


Recently, I have had at least three conversations with people that have to do with the choices we make as we progress through life.
“Well, she had a rough childhood….”
or “my mom wasn’t able to show compassion…”

Each time, the implication is that this past wound is responsible for current thinking and actions.
This has inspired me to consider the points of decision that seeme to come our way:

Will I hold to a past wound?
Will I forgive?
Will I cling to old understandings or embrace new truth?
Will I return an offense with something hurtful; will I lead the way of healing by responding graciously?
Will I close my heart in fear?
What might happen if I am open and vulnerable?
The old road of fear, self protection and familiar wounds is always tempting:  I know what to do with all of that.
The new way, however, is where life is.  Every time I forgive, act with grace or take a risk, I heal more and find greater joy.
On several occasions, I have been delightfully surprised by the change in relationships when I choose the way of healing and life.  People who have spoken or acted unkindly, expecting me to do the same, are challenged to interpret and act differently when I don’t react in kind.  I have learned that there is great power in this.
Perhaps the greatest impact has been on the relationship I have with myself.  I have learned that I am powerful; that I am okay, regardless of what others are saying or doing around me.  That means, I am free to choose well.
Points of decision are opportunities; I have grown to greet them with expectancy and grattitude.


Happiness speaks in the most quiet voice;
She barely whispers;
She never intrudes;
She always leaves us free
To make our own choice.
Happiness speaks from her home deep within,
Where she was conceived;
Where she still abides;
Where she joins with wisdom
To see that we win.
Happiness speaks in a voice all her own;
Accepting no bribes;
Not yielding to fear;
Expressing deep knowledge;
In such loving tone.
Happiness speaks as a most trusted friend,
She calls us higher;
She says to live well;
She leads as we follow;
Then whispers again.


I threw my running shoes away today.  It was a big decision:  This means that, when life gets uncomfortable and I feel overwhelmed, I need to stay present.

I’ve had them for a lot of years.  They were developed through a number of situations, wounds and dynamics that caused me to “exit.”  (Old Snagglepuss had nothing over me!)

There are lots of ways to run:
Physically leaving
Burying oneself in activities and obligations
Becoming so involved in others, there is no room for oneself

Avoiding deep thought or conversation
Drinking and drugging
And oh so many more

Sometimes, running is wise.  If you are in a hurtful situation, please have the good sense to get out of there!

Then, there is the running that hurts instead of helping, when relationships can’t grow or we are so outside of ourselves we can’t be present.  This often happens when we have been through trauma.  At the time, it was a helpful tool, but later, it will kill us, sometimes physically; most times emotionally.

What color are your running shoes?  How do you escape the pain of your past and the challenges of your present?  what will it take for you to throw them away?  Who will help you?

For me, the choice to stop running is wonderful!  I feel whole and free; I can be present to myself and others; joy, peace, hope, love and beauty are mine.