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My Home



Being at home in my self

The home in which I live
Is simple and clean,
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re living at all,
You know what I mean:
There are always improvements,
Chores to be done;
Rearranging of furniture,
Fixing this thing and that one…
It seems something is always amiss!

I’ve learned to be at peace
In this home of mine.
Most of the time, that is.
If you’re being at all,
We are of one mind:
There is always new learning,
Wounds to be healed,
Discoveries of every nature,
Knowing how to love and feel;
Such is being at home like this.



Throughout my life, I have learned a number of “one-liners.”  Many of them have been quite helpful:

“The clearer you are about yourself, the less power others have over you.”

“A dysfunctional system is like flypaper:  There’s no way to engage without getting stuck.”

“The best revenge is to live well.”

bugs_bunny (3)

“The first rule of relationships:  Stay out of the middle.”

“When you’re going through Hell, don’t camp there.”


“Sow tomorrow’s seeds today.”

“A journey is taken one step at a time.”



Please tell us about your goals;
Be sure to keep a log.
I would love to say,
But my head is in the fog.



In the fog of unknowing;
Of confusion and doubt;
Unclear in my heart
So I can’t figure things out.



In the fog of the present,
So unable to see
Ahead much of all;
What the future holds for me.



But surely you’ve made some plans,
With a timeline and all!
I have some ideas,
But that fog…I hit a wall!



Who knows what the future holds?
Who can say with such cheer,
“I see it all now,
The future is very clear!”



The fog isn’t exclusive;
It isn’t just for me;
We all live in it;
The future is hard to see.



I do believe in planning,
Perhaps keeping a log;
With humility,
Since my head is in the fog.


When life seems too hard
And you feel so alone,
Warm fuzzies can help;
They’re second to none!


When you feel sleepy
And want to snuggle in,
Warm fuzzies are friends,
Just like next of kin.


When you are happy
And long for a good laugh,
Warm fuzzies cheer you;
Humor is their craft!


Any time or place
Is right for fuzzies warm.
Morning, night or noon,
You’ll love their sweet charm.



Sometimes, I’d do well
To take lessons from my cat:
She’s really quite smart;
Let’s talk about that!

She knows what she wants;
An expert in self esteem;
Makes up her own mind;
Doesn’t need “a team.”

She knows when to purr;
When it pays can be quite sweet,
And when things get tough,
She lands on her feet.

She’s not too concerned
About what others might say;
In her opinion,
She’s more than okay!

If I could just learn
To think of myself like that;
I might have to take
Lessons from my cat.


The depression monster
Is ugly and gray;
He comes out of hiding
In his incidious way.

At first he just whispers,
An innocent sound;
Then before you know it,
He enfolds your soul around.

He covers your mind’s eyes
With goggles so black,
The world becomes dark;
So you can’t find the way back.

He puts a heavy weight
Of care on your heart
Filled with doubt and worry,
It’s such a poisonous dart.

But you must remember,
He’s a liar and thief;
A powerless coward;
Who relies on your belief.

It’s time to throw him off;
Make him go away
By laying down his load
And getting stronger each day.

You will have the victory
O’er this ugly foe;
Get up and get moving;
Live well and he’ll have to go.


Sometimes I think
We should dress up as clowns;
Then go to a mall
Or walk around town;

Take a long drink
Of hilarious joy;
Until we all laugh
And humor employ.

Then with light hearts,
And our minds free to know
We’re really okay;
Let seriousness go.

We can find peace
In our imperfection,
Accepting ourselves
With kind affection.

A bit of mirth
Is an effective cure
For somber regard
And being unsure.

So lighten up;
And give yourself a break;
Laugh a little more
Your life is at stake.