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My best friend knows me well:
My likes and dislikes;
Pains, concerns and fears;
Greatest dreams and visions;
Stories of many years.



My best friend always cares:
In difficult times;
Seasons of distress;
On happy occasions
When life seems to be best.



My best friend accepts me:
Even when I’m weak;
Out of sorts or sad;
When I am self-absorbed;
And feeling rather bad.



My best friend is present:
With me every day;
Faithful to the end;
No matter where I am;
I am my own best friend.



Perhaps one of the most important lessons I have had in my life is that I need to guard my heart.  Once in a while, I seem to need a refresher course on this one!


You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”  Well, that is true soulfully as much as it is physically.  The choices are just as varied…and as difficult to make sometimes…as physical food.


So, from our souls’ points of view, what is a heart-healthy diet?


*One that is clean:  Free from toxins like negativity, criticism, ridicule, bullying or other forms of degradation.


*Things that detoxify us, such as meditation, music, art, sleep, laughter and play.


*Nutrient-dense foods, like love, affection, friendship, wise counsel and encouragement.


*Soul-building items – Accomplishment, creativity, discipline, volunteering and giving to others.


*Good basic chow – Self talk that reminds us of who we are and what we’re about.  I recently heard a wonderful definition of meditation:  ” Thinking that makes us healthy.”



Foods to avoid:


*Anything that contributes to “heart disease” by tearing us or others down:  Gossip, name calling, manipulation, exclusion, abuse.
(Some sources of such destructive items in this category might not be as obvious – A good deal of “news,” movies, books, TV shows and just careless talk.  One of the more troubling sources can be people who love us:  Family, spouses, friends, neighbors, Church members, co-workers..)


*”Junk food”:  People, media and anything else that steals our energy, making us complacent, lethargic or lazy; things that “uninspire” us; things that waste time and energy.


How important is your soul’s diet?

Proverbs 4:23 puts it this way:
“Above everything else guard your heart, because from it flow the springs of life.”


“No” wears many disguises;
Many of them so complete
We don’t recognize him at all.


One is procrastination:
Oh, some day that will happen;
But such a time never arrives.


Another is conditions:
If requirements are met…
Hoops impossible to jump through.


Then there’s that famous, “I can’t…”
“I would but,” really means, “No.”
Barriers that are “No one’s fault.”


It’s good to recognize “No”
For all that he really is:
Distance, unwillingness or fear.


Honesty peels off his clothes,
Leaving him for all to see;
Keeping us from needless heartache.


When I hear most of the resolutions that people make for the new year, one thing stands out:  How unhappy we are with ourselves.
So this year, let’s take a new approach.  Here are 10 suggestions:


*I resolve to find the things that I like about myself and my life.
*I resolve to build on them.
*I resolve to make a list of things I like to do, that perk me up when I’m bored or down.
*I resolve to do at least one thing on my list each day.
*I resolve to be patient with myself, recognizing that I am a life long learner in the process of becoming all that I am.
*I resolve to look for the bright, good, praiseworthy things around me:  Sunsets, trees in bloom, that funny dog nextdoor…
*I resolve to find one new way to bring more nurturing into my home.
*I resolve to appreciate the people in my life.
*I resolve to count my blessings.
*I resolve to laugh at least twice as much this year.

Any other suggestions?