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Standing tall;
Taking charge;
Remaining strong,
Even when there is conflict.
Networking well;
Growing each day;
Thinking and feeling clearly;
Healthy in body, heart and mind.




Sometimes, I’d do well
To take lessons from my cat:
She’s really quite smart;
Let’s talk about that!

She knows what she wants;
An expert in self esteem;
Makes up her own mind;
Doesn’t need “a team.”

She knows when to purr;
When it pays can be quite sweet,
And when things get tough,
She lands on her feet.

She’s not too concerned
About what others might say;
In her opinion,
She’s more than okay!

If I could just learn
To think of myself like that;
I might have to take
Lessons from my cat.


There are so many voices and opinions that don’t quite tell the truth.
many of them come from strangers, who have no idea about who I am or what I am like;  other sources are acquaintances, friends (in a sense) and relatives.
Some of what gets said is  just a bit distorted, even though it is meant in sincerity.
Other words are lies, nothing more; end of story.
The challenge seems to be that I get caught in any and all of these way too easily.


In moments like these, I need reminders of who I am.  These are true friends.
One is Quiet:  When I sit with her and allow myself to grow still, I find authenticity.
Music helps me so very much:  When I listen, compose or play, I find creativity.
Hard work gives me strength:  When I focus on things that need to be accomplished, I find purpose.
Dreams call me forward:  They spark ideas and give me hope.
People who know me well enough to be in my intimate circle are essential:  When they speak truth or simply comfort me, I find love.



Is a great big
Jigsaw puzzle,
With its many pieces;
Some of which
Don’t seem to fit

Am a part of
That big puzzle,
With my complexities
Some unknown,
Waiting for me
To find them.

Is often found
In this puzzle
And the discovery
Found therein
That clarifies
Who I am.


I live with an inner confusion
That makes me hard to read.
Sometimes, it’s a painful undercurrent;
At other times, it speaks very loudly;
Then again, it is often ambivalent and unclear.

I do know where this confusion comes from:
From traumas in my past.
A useful anesthetic at the time,
It has become a hinderance to me now,
Causing mistrust, clouding my thoughts, bringing indecision.

As I heal and get to know myself,
I’m inwardly more clear.
Though my feelings come a bit slowly yet,
And I need time to understand my thoughts,
They are ever being birthed, developing and maturing.

I have learned that I must be patient;
That this is a journey.
Because of their nature, souls heal slowly.
To rush their healing is to injure some more.
Gentle tenderness, rest, careful loving must be used.

I’m pleased with the strength and clarity
That grows within each day.
As a sculpture becomes more tangible;
As poetry takes on meanigful form,
My heart and mind come together in greater unity.