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Deeper Knowing

winding_stream_banff_national_park_alberta_canadaI have heard a quote more than once:
“Be a river, not a reservoir.”

Truthfully, I think we are rivers, whether we acknowledge it or not.  We are ever growing and changing; things that fit before don’t now; we are always searching.

I am in one of those times of evaluation and revision.  One major reason for this is, circumstances are changing:  There are matters of privacy and involvement to consider that were not all that important before.

Another reason:  I am discovering new aspects of myself that need exploration and development.  I have questions to ask, ideas to ponder and whole areas of quandary on which to shed light, such as wants and dreams I can feel, but can’t articulate; like being hungry for something and not knowing what it is.

Thinking of life and ourselves as rivers is encouraging to me:  By nature, streams flow through different landscapes, eddy and swirl, run shallow, then deeper.  They are fluid; they start as small trickles that become larger.  Some develop into mighty rivers that carry ships and barges; others meander through forests and meadows.  Each one is just as valid and important.

It is also a given that a river is never fully known, no matter how many times someone visits it.  We’re that way; it’s okay because that is how we are meant to be.

Flow, river of my life;
As you travel through each circumstance,
growing and morphing into your next self,
May I delight in discovery and deeper knowing.


What Could This Treasure Be?

I briefly held a treasure;
It’s one I rarely see;
With many facets bright and clear
What could this treasure be?


Its beauty brought me pleasure
That caused my heart to sing;
Delighted as I drew it near,
What did this treasure bring?


A moment of clairty;
A glimpse of something more;
A word of truth within my soul;

Secrets I’m looking for.


Such a nebulous treasure;
One that must be set free,
For I am made to grow and change;
This treasure that is me.


The moment you forsake a lie to lay hold of truth;
The instant you realize you are precious,
Beautiful, lovable, talented, strong, full of promise;
You know you will never go back to the old way:
You have turned a corner and are different now.



The very day you decide you won’t repeat the past;
You will choose a healthier direction,
Bountiful, gracious, forgiving, good, filled with new adventure;
You enjoy making new discoveries each day:
Every turning point becomes so delightful!


I once held it in my hand,
Or at leasts I thought I did;
A dream,
An idea and desire;
But it slipped away,
Like a cloud in the wind;
a puff of smoke:
Then gone.
A vapor;
A mirage;
I think I see it;
That it is real,
But then…


I recently attended a day-long training program for people involved in nonprofit organizations.  This is a question that we were asked:

“What can we do that is small that will lead to large results?”


Good question, not only for organizations, but for living.


There are so many things that seem insignificant; yet their impact will be notable.


*Making one small change in activity level or diet can improve health tremendously.


*Calling on a neighbor builds relationships that strengthen the whole community.


*Planting a tree or having flowers in the yard that attract bees improves the environment.


*Walking away from a party where drugs or alcohol are being served can change your life.


What small things will you do today that could have large impacts?  Will you set a simple goal or stop doing something that brings you down?  Is

there someone you will forgive?  Perhaps you will choose to read a book instead of watching television or playing a video game.


A journey is completed, one step at a time.  Happy walking!


I’m currently on a quest.  It’s both inward and external:  Trying to discern my own heart, while seeking new opportunities.

I’m finding this to be quite the challenge:  My inner world is a labyrinth of feelings, conflicting thoughts and ideas, confusion and plenty of unknowns.

Then, there is matching what I do know and want to the world around me:  No small feat.

Opportunities are often created and called into our lives; then again, they usually involve other people and things that are beyond our control.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of this process is the discovery of those places in my soul that are stuck and restless, unable to speak clearly, filled with powerful emotions.  They are revealed in my dreams; they lift their voices in turmoil when I try to explore possibilities; they ask hard questions for which I have no answers.

Some of these inner struggles have been with me for as long as I can remember.  I think this is so because there is no satisfactory resolution to the challenges they represent.

So what to do.

I say, keep listening and addressing inward concerns; continue to explore possibilities and create new opportunities.  That does seem to be the way of life’s journey…the inner pilgrimage seems to be every bit as real and important as the external one.