Creating My Self

This poem is inspired by the banner on Life’s Fine Whine.

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I’m creating myself today
With some scraps and threads;
Things I almost threw away;
An old garment in tatters and shreds.


The bits of thread are hopes and dreams
Saved for quite a while;
Memories of ideas and schemes;
So many of them just make me smile.


It’s good I kept all the treasures;
That truly is wise;
Though subtle, they bring such pleasure,
Even when they come in a disguise.


Though tattered, garments are so warm,
Filled with feelings dear;
Like patches in a quilt they form
Parts of my self so precious and clear.


Tomorrow I will start again
To build one called me;
To make this self my very best friend;
A new creation I’ll ever be!


3 thoughts on “Creating My Self

  1. Wow that was an amazing poem and I’m so glad my blog inspired it! Everyone has moments where their down but I think the most important thing is picking yourself up and learning to love yourself again 🙂

    • I am so glad you like it.
      True about picking yourself up and learning to love yourself again; in fact, I was thinking that everything in life contributes to who we are somehow, even the painful things.

      • Yes I totally agree. I think we go through the things we go through in life for a reason and it does definitely shape who we become in the future 🙂

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