I once heard someone say, “A woman is strong in her gentleness; a man is gentle in his strength.”
This seems especially important now, when we are being called to react in anger, aggression and “toughness.”  Really, only cowards need to resort to such things.
The greater strength is in love.  Do you want to melt the ice of bitterness, fear and shame?  Honor others and watch these disappear like fog in bright sunshine.

gentleness will take the flame right out of anger, which needs fuel to burn.  If we take the time to listen – truly and sincerely; then give a gentel, reasonable answer, the likelihood of peace goes way up.  Argue or push back, however, and the fire will burn hot.

Love, honor, gentleness and strength are available to each of us, like clothes in our closets.  They adorn us like beautiful jewelry. We can pick them out and put them on.  The result is loveliness and attraction that is beyond words.
Things such as  anger, fear, prejudice, greed, self-centeredness and bitterness are within reach, too.  They make us pale and fragile in the same way as  a long-term disease does.

Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of this is that we have the power to choose.  These are inward qualities that cannot be forced on us or taken away from us.

What’s in your closet?  Which will you put on?  By the way, if you want to throw the ugly “clothes” out, you have the power to do that as well.


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