Lovely hair, deep blue eyes;
A smile that melts your heart;
Soft, dewy skin with a radiant glow;
These are all a proper start.
But lovelier still is a beautiful soul,
Formed by hardship and blessings.
The one who has conquered and overcome;
Growing from all of life’s lessons.



Etiquette, manners sweet;
Fashion that looks just right;
Talent and scholastic accomplishment
Admired for being bright.
But more luminous still is a loving heart,
Tender and open to all;
Whose compassionate ways honor others;
This is most beautiful of all.


Outward poise, appearance:
Desirable indeed;
Learning all the skills for society;
Will help you live and succeed.
But the deepest, most everlasting beauty
Can’t be honed or used to win;
It’s only authentic living that brings
Beauty that comes from within.


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