Buttons come in
All shapes and sizes:
Some are funny;
Others are hot;
Some are okay;
Many are not.


Reactions catch us:

Some are  instant;
Some filled with tears;
Found in anger;
Coming from fears.


Touched off by things
That bring ghosts to life:

Painful memories;
Feeling afraid;
Haunting shadows;
Vows we have made.


Time to let go
And heal for a while:
New ways to think;
Truth that is real;
Finding the path
To what we feel.


One step each day
Toward wholeness of soul:
Learn to forgive;
Try a fresh view;
Choose healthy ways;
Know the real “you.”


Now those buttons
Won’t be so much work:
Some still get pushed;
Some disappear;
Others weaken;
Each is more clear.


Settle yourself
As you learn and grow:
Fewer buttons
Hurt when pressed;
More peace and joy
Will keep you best.


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