Hook me,
Just like a big fish,
With unkept promises
That are constantly renewed;
Veiled disapproval
That calls me to prove myself
Yet again.


Pull me,
On your line of ploys,
Calling me to respond
With the answers you desire;
Using history
To evoke that emotion
Yet again.


Draw me
With subtle half-truths;
Sly manipulations
That baffle and confuse me;
Breeches in boundaries
That call me to question self
Yet again.


Bait hooks
With fresh disguises
Of concern and offers
Meant to make me feel better
About staying with you,
Though all wisdom says to leave
Yet again.


Let me
Pull all the hooks out,
Though the pain is awful;
Causing me to bleed and cry;
Awakening my hope
That I will learn and move on
Yet again.


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