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It isn’t that we have never been afraid; never worried or thought that we would most certainly die.  We experienced all of that as we walked through the fiery hell of abuse, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and trauma.  That is what courage is for.


Now that we are on the healthy road, the one that leads to greater wellness, we face new challenges:  Old monsters that rattle their cages, demanding our attention; sobriety’s call to a completely new lifestyle; pain that was so neatly medicated and tucked away; new truth that requires us to lay down old lies and beliefs, even when their replacements are not clear.  This too, is what courage is for.


As we face the hard things in life, we meet two other companions:  Strength and Wisdom.  These can only be developed as we persevere.


May Courage be your most constant friend,
Along with Strength and Wisdom.
Keep these three close, and in the end;
You’ll smile at life well done!



Lovely hair, deep blue eyes;
A smile that melts your heart;
Soft, dewy skin with a radiant glow;
These are all a proper start.
But lovelier still is a beautiful soul,
Formed by hardship and blessings.
The one who has conquered and overcome;
Growing from all of life’s lessons.



Etiquette, manners sweet;
Fashion that looks just right;
Talent and scholastic accomplishment
Admired for being bright.
But more luminous still is a loving heart,
Tender and open to all;
Whose compassionate ways honor others;
This is most beautiful of all.


Outward poise, appearance:
Desirable indeed;
Learning all the skills for society;
Will help you live and succeed.
But the deepest, most everlasting beauty
Can’t be honed or used to win;
It’s only authentic living that brings
Beauty that comes from within.


My best friend knows me well:
My likes and dislikes;
Pains, concerns and fears;
Greatest dreams and visions;
Stories of many years.



My best friend always cares:
In difficult times;
Seasons of distress;
On happy occasions
When life seems to be best.



My best friend accepts me:
Even when I’m weak;
Out of sorts or sad;
When I am self-absorbed;
And feeling rather bad.



My best friend is present:
With me every day;
Faithful to the end;
No matter where I am;
I am my own best friend.


Yours is the choice:
Oh, which will it be?
Fear, doubt and shame
Or great victory?


You get to choose:
You have the power
To go for life
Each day and hour.


Fear is a liar,
Out to make you think
He conquered you;
His lies really stink.


Then Shame and Doubt
Try their best to say
You’re unworthy;
Don’t give them their way.


Alive and strong,
Powerful and real;
You make the choice,
How you think and feel.


Laugh at old Fear;
Give worry the boot!
When you choose well,
You live from the root.


It’s funny, you know,
How I still want connection,
But each time I feel the distance;
When I encounter disappointment,
I find it easier to walk away.


I guess I’m unsure,
Holding to any last hope;
Not wanting our friendship to end.
But every disengaged encounter
Gives me strength and courage to walk away.


There will be the day
When I don’t care much at all
And you are just a fond memory
About whom I sit and reminisce,
Because I grew stronger and walked away.


Buttons come in
All shapes and sizes:
Some are funny;
Others are hot;
Some are okay;
Many are not.


Reactions catch us:

Some are  instant;
Some filled with tears;
Found in anger;
Coming from fears.


Touched off by things
That bring ghosts to life:

Painful memories;
Feeling afraid;
Haunting shadows;
Vows we have made.


Time to let go
And heal for a while:
New ways to think;
Truth that is real;
Finding the path
To what we feel.


One step each day
Toward wholeness of soul:
Learn to forgive;
Try a fresh view;
Choose healthy ways;
Know the real “you.”


Now those buttons
Won’t be so much work:
Some still get pushed;
Some disappear;
Others weaken;
Each is more clear.


Settle yourself
As you learn and grow:
Fewer buttons
Hurt when pressed;
More peace and joy
Will keep you best.


Hook me,
Just like a big fish,
With unkept promises
That are constantly renewed;
Veiled disapproval
That calls me to prove myself
Yet again.


Pull me,
On your line of ploys,
Calling me to respond
With the answers you desire;
Using history
To evoke that emotion
Yet again.


Draw me
With subtle half-truths;
Sly manipulations
That baffle and confuse me;
Breeches in boundaries
That call me to question self
Yet again.


Bait hooks
With fresh disguises
Of concern and offers
Meant to make me feel better
About staying with you,
Though all wisdom says to leave
Yet again.


Let me
Pull all the hooks out,
Though the pain is awful;
Causing me to bleed and cry;
Awakening my hope
That I will learn and move on
Yet again.