I used to dream exquisitely
About the possibilities;
I had no thought of how or why;
I simply reached to touch the sky.


Then somehow, my dreaming died.
I could not find visions inside
Nor imaginative desire;
No enthusiasm or fire.


Where could I find my inward song;
That force that feeds and keeps me strong?
I asked and searched in every place;
Worked hard and joined in every race.


But dreaming just eluded me
Until I couldn’t feel or see.
I found it hard to check within;
I had no sense of where I’d been.


But as I’ve healed and found my heart,
My song begins and visions start
To rise and swell in harmony,
Like blood and breath that flow through me.


Now it seems I’m dreaming again;
Possibility is my friend,
As my soul begins to declare
All of the secrets hidden there.


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