Archive | February 2016


Please tell us about your goals;
Be sure to keep a log.
I would love to say,
But my head is in the fog.



In the fog of unknowing;
Of confusion and doubt;
Unclear in my heart
So I can’t figure things out.



In the fog of the present,
So unable to see
Ahead much of all;
What the future holds for me.



But surely you’ve made some plans,
With a timeline and all!
I have some ideas,
But that fog…I hit a wall!



Who knows what the future holds?
Who can say with such cheer,
“I see it all now,
The future is very clear!”



The fog isn’t exclusive;
It isn’t just for me;
We all live in it;
The future is hard to see.



I do believe in planning,
Perhaps keeping a log;
With humility,
Since my head is in the fog.




“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson


The moment you forsake a lie to lay hold of truth;
The instant you realize you are precious,
Beautiful, lovable, talented, strong, full of promise;
You know you will never go back to the old way:
You have turned a corner and are different now.



The very day you decide you won’t repeat the past;
You will choose a healthier direction,
Bountiful, gracious, forgiving, good, filled with new adventure;
You enjoy making new discoveries each day:
Every turning point becomes so delightful!


I used to dream exquisitely
About the possibilities;
I had no thought of how or why;
I simply reached to touch the sky.


Then somehow, my dreaming died.
I could not find visions inside
Nor imaginative desire;
No enthusiasm or fire.


Where could I find my inward song;
That force that feeds and keeps me strong?
I asked and searched in every place;
Worked hard and joined in every race.


But dreaming just eluded me
Until I couldn’t feel or see.
I found it hard to check within;
I had no sense of where I’d been.


But as I’ve healed and found my heart,
My song begins and visions start
To rise and swell in harmony,
Like blood and breath that flow through me.


Now it seems I’m dreaming again;
Possibility is my friend,
As my soul begins to declare
All of the secrets hidden there.


In a world full of noise,
Where chatter and chaos reign,
I’ve learned to create a place
That is free from all the strain.
That oasis is within my soul
Where it can be protected;
It’s part of all that makes me whole,
Where my true self is reflected.
In places harsh and loud
Where a heartbeat can’t be heard,
I have learned to guard my soul
And to govern every word.
So that I live in solitude
To share with those around me
As a token of gratitude
For the peace and joy that ground me.


When life seems too hard
And you feel so alone,
Warm fuzzies can help;
They’re second to none!


When you feel sleepy
And want to snuggle in,
Warm fuzzies are friends,
Just like next of kin.


When you are happy
And long for a good laugh,
Warm fuzzies cheer you;
Humor is their craft!


Any time or place
Is right for fuzzies warm.
Morning, night or noon,
You’ll love their sweet charm.