Some might think of soul food as things like hush puppies or gumbo,
But there is true nourishment for our souls,
Far more nebulous; yet tangible indeed:


A word of encouragement,
A loving touch,
A prayer offered at just  the right moment;
A hug when we need it so much.


An unexpected phone call,
A friendly smile;
A compassionate person who listens
Or just sits with us for a while.


These are the things that fill us,
That warm our souls;
That give nourishment and strength so we live
As we’re meant to be, well and whole.


2 thoughts on “SOUL FOOD

  1. I agree- it is not necessarily the material things and possessions that warm our hearts- it is the other things- like a gentle touch,a warm hug, a comforting word, not blaming someone when things go wrong and the other person is feeling horrible about it and all the other little things.

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