“No” wears many disguises;
Many of them so complete
We don’t recognize him at all.


One is procrastination:
Oh, some day that will happen;
But such a time never arrives.


Another is conditions:
If requirements are met…
Hoops impossible to jump through.


Then there’s that famous, “I can’t…”
“I would but,” really means, “No.”
Barriers that are “No one’s fault.”


It’s good to recognize “No”
For all that he really is:
Distance, unwillingness or fear.


Honesty peels off his clothes,
Leaving him for all to see;
Keeping us from needless heartache.


2 thoughts on ““NO”

  1. Great poem- so apt for me, who is most likely to procrastinate and say “No” -maybe another day- or No”, with conditions- when I get to 70 kgs, I will go to the gym and so on.
    Thank you,

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