In the play, “The Music Man,” Professor Hill tells Winthrup, “I always believe there’s a band.”
Now that 2015 is over and 2016 is here, what does the band look and sound like for you?
Will some of the clammer and sour notes of the past die away, replaced with sweeter ones?
Will the slow tempo of sorrow pick up into a quicker beat of hope and joy?
Will the melody and cadence take some unexpected directions that bring you intrigue and plenty to explore?
Will the harmony draw you in until you join the march…or dance?

May all of this be so for you:
May the pain of loss and past injury fall away;
May your heart find joy and solace instead.
May you gain fresh perspective and wisdom,
Until your eyes twinkle and your face shines;
Until you join in the dance of happiness.
Here’s to a fantastic year!


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