When I hear most of the resolutions that people make for the new year, one thing stands out:  How unhappy we are with ourselves.
So this year, let’s take a new approach.  Here are 10 suggestions:


*I resolve to find the things that I like about myself and my life.
*I resolve to build on them.
*I resolve to make a list of things I like to do, that perk me up when I’m bored or down.
*I resolve to do at least one thing on my list each day.
*I resolve to be patient with myself, recognizing that I am a life long learner in the process of becoming all that I am.
*I resolve to look for the bright, good, praiseworthy things around me:  Sunsets, trees in bloom, that funny dog nextdoor…
*I resolve to find one new way to bring more nurturing into my home.
*I resolve to appreciate the people in my life.
*I resolve to count my blessings.
*I resolve to laugh at least twice as much this year.

Any other suggestions?


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