We could have had a lot of fun;
We could have had a good time;
My hope was that we could be friends;
It might have been so sublime.


But I’ve come to tell you good-bye.
I’ll grieve my loss and move on.
I’ll look for friends who can love me
And let me join in their song.


I have already forgiven,
I’m letting go of my pain.
I’d ask you to acknowledge it,
But I have nothing to gain.


May your life be happy and rich;
May you find another friend.
One you trust enough to let in
Without the need to defend.


Perhaps we’ll meet again some day,
With open arms and a smile;
But now I need time for healing;
To sort and rest for a while.


If you happen to think of me,
Remember me with a prayer
That I will find serenity;
And answers to dreams so fair.


Well, I really must be going
While there’s sunshine on my path.
I promise I’ll hold to treasures
AS I find my place at last.


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