If you become quiet enough to listen,
You’ll be delighted to hear
The voices of Earth that speak softly:
A breath whispering in evergreens,
Babbling water that flows along;
The gentle flutter of sparrow’s wings
The hum of insects and bird song.


Step away from all clammering noises
Into the stillness a while
So you can discover the secret
Of music found in a heartbeat;
Poetic expressions of love;
The inward song of melody sweet;
Eternal words from God above.


Only in the silence of solitude
Can you hear the gentle things
Expressed in riddles and subtlety:
Paradoxes of life and death;
The pain and victory of growing;
Blood pumped through vessels, fullness of breath;
Peace and comfort found in knowing.


If you can perceive with all that you are
You will come to understand

That Heaven and Earth join together,
To make a living symphony
With its instruments great and small,
Playing such beautiful harmony,
Orchestrated for one and all.


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