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I’m searching for something
That I’ve never found before;
I constantly look,
But I don’t know what for.
It doesn’t have substance yet,
But I know that it’s real;
It comes from my heart;
From all that I feel.
I can almost point to it;
Almost give it a name;
Yet somehow, it eludes me,
Like a ghostly flame.
Do you know what it is
That I am longing to find?
Neither do I
Though I see it in my mind.
If you discover it;
If you have half a clue,
Please be sure to tell me,
So I can thank you.



When I hear most of the resolutions that people make for the new year, one thing stands out:  How unhappy we are with ourselves.
So this year, let’s take a new approach.  Here are 10 suggestions:


*I resolve to find the things that I like about myself and my life.
*I resolve to build on them.
*I resolve to make a list of things I like to do, that perk me up when I’m bored or down.
*I resolve to do at least one thing on my list each day.
*I resolve to be patient with myself, recognizing that I am a life long learner in the process of becoming all that I am.
*I resolve to look for the bright, good, praiseworthy things around me:  Sunsets, trees in bloom, that funny dog nextdoor…
*I resolve to find one new way to bring more nurturing into my home.
*I resolve to appreciate the people in my life.
*I resolve to count my blessings.
*I resolve to laugh at least twice as much this year.

Any other suggestions?


What does it mean to be normal?
How does anyone fit in?
We are not paperdoll cut-outs
Or soldiers made of tin;
There is no general mold
To give us shape and form,
So do explain to me please,
What on earth is “the norm?”


Isn’t it true that our beauty
Shines when we let ourselves flow
In uniqueness of expression;
Not in the status quo?
“Normal” is just a wword
Set to make us compare
Ourselves with all the others,
Each one a treasure rare.


Strength is in authenticity;
Unique is really the norm.
To know ourselves and each other
With regard bright and warm.
To honor differences
Wherever we might be,
While sharing in our likeness
So everyone succeeds.


I once held it in my hand,
Or at leasts I thought I did;
A dream,
An idea and desire;
But it slipped away,
Like a cloud in the wind;
a puff of smoke:
Then gone.
A vapor;
A mirage;
I think I see it;
That it is real,
But then…


We could have had a lot of fun;
We could have had a good time;
My hope was that we could be friends;
It might have been so sublime.


But I’ve come to tell you good-bye.
I’ll grieve my loss and move on.
I’ll look for friends who can love me
And let me join in their song.


I have already forgiven,
I’m letting go of my pain.
I’d ask you to acknowledge it,
But I have nothing to gain.


May your life be happy and rich;
May you find another friend.
One you trust enough to let in
Without the need to defend.


Perhaps we’ll meet again some day,
With open arms and a smile;
But now I need time for healing;
To sort and rest for a while.


If you happen to think of me,
Remember me with a prayer
That I will find serenity;
And answers to dreams so fair.


Well, I really must be going
While there’s sunshine on my path.
I promise I’ll hold to treasures
AS I find my place at last.


What makes a heart beat
And breath within us flow?
Oh, there are physical mechanics;
This I already know.


What gives us purpose
Or meaning to our lives?
Oh, there are goals and occupation;
But what brings us to strive?


What gives living form
And what defines being?
That is like trying to shape the wind
Into a solid thing!


If you become quiet enough to listen,
You’ll be delighted to hear
The voices of Earth that speak softly:
A breath whispering in evergreens,
Babbling water that flows along;
The gentle flutter of sparrow’s wings
The hum of insects and bird song.


Step away from all clammering noises
Into the stillness a while
So you can discover the secret
Of music found in a heartbeat;
Poetic expressions of love;
The inward song of melody sweet;
Eternal words from God above.


Only in the silence of solitude
Can you hear the gentle things
Expressed in riddles and subtlety:
Paradoxes of life and death;
The pain and victory of growing;
Blood pumped through vessels, fullness of breath;
Peace and comfort found in knowing.


If you can perceive with all that you are
You will come to understand

That Heaven and Earth join together,
To make a living symphony
With its instruments great and small,
Playing such beautiful harmony,
Orchestrated for one and all.