There are so many voices and opinions that don’t quite tell the truth.
many of them come from strangers, who have no idea about who I am or what I am like;  other sources are acquaintances, friends (in a sense) and relatives.
Some of what gets said is  just a bit distorted, even though it is meant in sincerity.
Other words are lies, nothing more; end of story.
The challenge seems to be that I get caught in any and all of these way too easily.


In moments like these, I need reminders of who I am.  These are true friends.
One is Quiet:  When I sit with her and allow myself to grow still, I find authenticity.
Music helps me so very much:  When I listen, compose or play, I find creativity.
Hard work gives me strength:  When I focus on things that need to be accomplished, I find purpose.
Dreams call me forward:  They spark ideas and give me hope.
People who know me well enough to be in my intimate circle are essential:  When they speak truth or simply comfort me, I find love.



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