I often hear people talk about “soft bigotry.”  I guess that distinction makes them feel better.
What I find is, prejudice is prejudice, regardless of degrees or nuances.
The result is certainly the same.
I have just gone through an experience that proves my point.
While I would not say that people openly hate me, it does seem that they are afraid of me or uncomfortable around me.  They also expect very little in terms of ability.
I am a well trained, accomplished musician; yet i was denied permission to play in a particular setting for one reason:  I can’t see.
With that in mind, here is my poetic rant:


Preconceived notions
Really get me down,
Especially from people who
Jump to conclusions,
Unjustly deciding when they
Don’t know a thing;
Instantly characterizing with
Closed hearts and minds;
Evil is the author of prejudice.


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