I recently attended a day-long training program for people involved in nonprofit organizations.  This is a question that we were asked:

“What can we do that is small that will lead to large results?”


Good question, not only for organizations, but for living.


There are so many things that seem insignificant; yet their impact will be notable.


*Making one small change in activity level or diet can improve health tremendously.


*Calling on a neighbor builds relationships that strengthen the whole community.


*Planting a tree or having flowers in the yard that attract bees improves the environment.


*Walking away from a party where drugs or alcohol are being served can change your life.


What small things will you do today that could have large impacts?  Will you set a simple goal or stop doing something that brings you down?  Is

there someone you will forgive?  Perhaps you will choose to read a book instead of watching television or playing a video game.


A journey is completed, one step at a time.  Happy walking!


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