I was in my late 20’s when repressed memories of abuse started coming up.  I was also anorexic at the time.
One day, while I was at my weekly “heart surgery” appointment, my therapist asked me a question that I have never forgotten:
We were talking about the things that had happened to me in childhood and the messages my parents had given me.  She asked, “So how long would you like to do the same thing to yourself that your parents did to you?”
Okay!  That’s a zinger; I think now would be a good time to stop.
As children, we have little or no power and choice.  Oh, we might choose which toy we want or reject a particular food item, but when it comes to the overall quality of our lives, we are dependent on the adults who are in charge of us.
Once we are old enough to leave home, however, all of that changes.  We do have power and choice; we can decide what to believe, how to act and what sort of lives we will have.
Admittedly, it took me a bunch of years to get free from the beliefs about myself that I picked up as a child.  The good news is, the journey that started in my therapist’s office only got better as I laid down old lies to embrace new truths.
So, are there things your parents did to you that you would like to stop doing to yourself?  Are there beliefs that you have picked up, which need to be laid down so that you can find truth instead?  Today is a good day to start on that journey.


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