Oh, the boxes we build
Are not useful at all;
Though they seem quite secure,
They only make a wall
That keeps us from others;
That stifles each soul,
Until isolation
Draws us into a hole.


There’s hope for each person;
There’s truly a way out
Of our stifling boxes
Made from fear, shame and doubt.
It’s the way of freedom;
Nourished with loving care,
That calls out expression
Of gifts we have to share.


Uniqueness is its sign;
Honest integrity
That let’s you become you
While I’m becoming me.
No boxes are needed;
In fact, they’re not desired;
We’re created to live
And fly ever higher.


My word to you is this:
I’ll lay all boxes down;
Flatten and destroy them,
Until none can be found.
There’ll be no box for me;
None for you and others;
So that we join in love
As sisters and brothers.


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