I have spent plenty of time and energy throughout my life, trying to lay hold of my “self.”  It’s like trying to capture a cloud or ray of sunshine; perhaps even more like attempting to catch a rainbow.
On one hand, we seem to be simple enough.  We need food, shelter, sleep and love; on the other, we are very complex.  Take any physical part, for example:  A finger maybe.  Well, let’s see, there’s skin, a variety of bones and joints, nerves, circulation…hmmm, very intricate.
Okay then, a blood vessel.  There are layers, tension and release as the heart pumps blood through it…. It can’t be reproduced because it is too unique and complicated.
WE now know that our brains are very plastic.  They rewire themselves and build new tissue any time there is an injury.  We don’t have a tremendous handle on this part of our bodies at all.
So it is with our souls.  The simplicity of needs and wants is only a shadow of who we are.  Behind that is a being who is ever changing and growing.  What was true fades as new reality becomes stronger.  Things we once understood are laid down as we gain new knowledge and wisdom.  Even wants and needs change.

There are aspects of my Self that I discover, often unexpectedly.  Many have been part of who I am forever; others seem quite new.  These parts of me emerge from beyond my cognitive grasp.  Sometimes, they are too vast and deep to probe; it is only as I receive revelation that I begin to understand them.

Hmmm, catch my “self?”  Maybe the cloud, ray of sunshine or rainbow would be easier!


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