it’s okay

I recently experienced a healing in my heart that seems simple enough; yet it is profound:  I let go of my concern about some people who don’t especially like me.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say they dislike me; they just don’t include or embrace me.


On one hand, it is easy to say, “So?”  On the other, this points to a deeper sense that I am okay because I know who I am and like myself.  I don’t need the acceptance or approval of others to feel good.


Perhaps the greatest reward in this is that I am so peaceful within.  All fear, worry, hurt feelings and anger are gone; I am free to move forward without the ankle weights of insecurity.  My focus is on the path ahead:  Where from here?  What shall I build today?


This is a giant step in my journey to wholeness.  It truly brings courage and hope to my heart.  May you find the same kind of release and freedom in your own relationships:  first in the one you have with yourself; then in your connection with others.


2 thoughts on “it’s okay

    • Thank you for coming by, liking “It’s Okay” and commenting. I have come to believe that being at peace with oneself is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves…if that makes sense!

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