The depression monster
Is ugly and gray;
He comes out of hiding
In his incidious way.

At first he just whispers,
An innocent sound;
Then before you know it,
He enfolds your soul around.

He covers your mind’s eyes
With goggles so black,
The world becomes dark;
So you can’t find the way back.

He puts a heavy weight
Of care on your heart
Filled with doubt and worry,
It’s such a poisonous dart.

But you must remember,
He’s a liar and thief;
A powerless coward;
Who relies on your belief.

It’s time to throw him off;
Make him go away
By laying down his load
And getting stronger each day.

You will have the victory
O’er this ugly foe;
Get up and get moving;
Live well and he’ll have to go.


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