On the outside, she seemed fluffy;
White fur neat and clean.
Unless someone looked more closely
And saw black stripes between
Strips of fake fur,
Meant to look tame;
But a tiger in disguise
Has a soul hot as flame.


Her nails seemed trim and manicured;
Her paws neat enough;
But if anyone met her eyes,
They knew she was quite tough.
She had a purr
With a strange sound;
For the tiger in disguise
Needed to get around.


One day as she looked in the mirror,
She noticed her frown.
The tiger had grown so weary
Of trying to fit in town.
She shook her fur
Laid down the mask.
For the tiger in disguise
Will be herself at last.


Now she has chosen her freedom
In sincerity
Of heart and daily expression
Full of integrity.
She has a roar
That’s strong and full
The tiger who was disguised
Is herself and very whole.


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