Archive | January 2015



My thoughts ride on a merry-go-round,
Circling away and back again.
Sometimes clarity just can’t be found;
Often I search for this very good friend.

Happy thoughts smile and wave as they ride,
Tossing their heads in joyful play;
Sorrow and confusion try to hide,
How they’d like to get off and run away!

Some thoughts want nothing to do with sleep;
They want to keep riding till dawn;
But stronger thoughts know just how to keep
These rascals in check so all slumber on.

So goes life on a merry-go-round,
As all thoughts take turns joining in:
Each voice is raised to create the sound
That expresses such a full life within.



I am finding my voice;
Not a meek, quiet one;
Not submitted to others’ opinions;
But governed by my choice.


I am coming awake
For the first time perhaps;
After many years of anesthesia,
I have new plans to make.


Rumbling inside my chest
The sound of contentment
Fills me as I embrace my soul’s presence;
And I am at my best.



On the outside, she seemed fluffy;
White fur neat and clean.
Unless someone looked more closely
And saw black stripes between
Strips of fake fur,
Meant to look tame;
But a tiger in disguise
Has a soul hot as flame.


Her nails seemed trim and manicured;
Her paws neat enough;
But if anyone met her eyes,
They knew she was quite tough.
She had a purr
With a strange sound;
For the tiger in disguise
Needed to get around.


One day as she looked in the mirror,
She noticed her frown.
The tiger had grown so weary
Of trying to fit in town.
She shook her fur
Laid down the mask.
For the tiger in disguise
Will be herself at last.


Now she has chosen her freedom
In sincerity
Of heart and daily expression
Full of integrity.
She has a roar
That’s strong and full
The tiger who was disguised
Is herself and very whole.


I’m currently on a quest.  It’s both inward and external:  Trying to discern my own heart, while seeking new opportunities.

I’m finding this to be quite the challenge:  My inner world is a labyrinth of feelings, conflicting thoughts and ideas, confusion and plenty of unknowns.

Then, there is matching what I do know and want to the world around me:  No small feat.

Opportunities are often created and called into our lives; then again, they usually involve other people and things that are beyond our control.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of this process is the discovery of those places in my soul that are stuck and restless, unable to speak clearly, filled with powerful emotions.  They are revealed in my dreams; they lift their voices in turmoil when I try to explore possibilities; they ask hard questions for which I have no answers.

Some of these inner struggles have been with me for as long as I can remember.  I think this is so because there is no satisfactory resolution to the challenges they represent.

So what to do.

I say, keep listening and addressing inward concerns; continue to explore possibilities and create new opportunities.  That does seem to be the way of life’s journey…the inner pilgrimage seems to be every bit as real and important as the external one.


I resolve to love myself,
No matter how others regard me;
To be truthful and honest;
Live with integrity.

I resolve to live and grow
Knowing I have a full life ahead;
I look for the promises,
For by them I am fed.

I resolve to grant others
The dignity of their own living;
While retaining my power
Of love and forgiving.

I know that it’s important
For people to build identity
That’s unique and respectful,
Of who we’re meant to be.