My pastor gave me a challenge this morning:  To find a way to set new expectations for holidays.

Like so many people, I have few if any pleasant memories.  Instead there are the ones of Christmas full of arguments and conflict, too much alcohol…and more frequently, too much time alone.

I have pondered this a fair amount today.  What I am discovering is that I really don’t have a clue, so have backed up one question:  What would a happy holiday look and feel like?  What really matters to me?
The first answer is, relationships:  People who love me and whom I love, spending the day together.  To be more basic, the relationship I have with myself; things I can do that bring peace and joy into my own home.
So, what makes holidays happy for you?
Do you even think that is possible?  I think so, mostly because I understand that I have the power to create the tone and mood of my own life.

This can be extended to everyday life as well:

Happiness starts within:
What I think
Which leads to how I feel;
The things that I hold dear
And consider to be real.

Love, joy and peace are gifts:
Meant to bless;
Most essential for health;
Better when we share them;
Our greatest treasures and wealth.

We have the power to choose:

Will we live

Or squander life away?

Oh that we will decide
To choose the fullest each day.


2 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. I like holidays because I can sleep in late and enjoy a day to myself, doing what I want, wearing what I want and generally being myself. Personally i don’t like spending holidays with relatives or friends because I prefer the quiet and restful time which I can have without them.

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