For much of my life, I have been silent or at least very soft spoken; whispering instead of speaking out; afraid of offending.  There are a few contributing factors for this.  Perhaps the biggest one is that I haven’t had permission.

But I am learning that I really do have a voice; that it is my right and responsibility to use it.  I give myself permission to express and declare.  A bit of attitude comes with this new-found power:  Let people deal with my words, even if they don’t like what I say.  I am not talking about being disrespectful or rude; I will always try to be careful.  I am saying that others need to take responsibility for themselves; I don’t have the power or obligation to do that.

I am learning that, when I live as a powerful person, I actually create the freedom for others to be themselves, walking in authenticity and the power they have been given.

Wow, I have a voice!  I can speak, tell stories, sing, declare, ask questions or…
Choose to be quiet.


2 thoughts on “A VOICE

  1. That is a wonderful piece of writing and thank you for sharing your thoughts in your own voice. I feel like I am family when I listen to people’s inner thoughts or perhaps I am an intruder.
    But whoever I am, I care and that is what matters.

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