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Who I am now
Is not who I used to be.
I’ve healed and changed somehow;
In mind, soul and body.

I’m good with that
I welcome new thoughts and ways.
To often I have sat
On old, unhappy days.

I’m ever new;
Finding truth that leads me on
To a healthier view
And a more joyful song.

Let’s greet this year
With enthusiastic souls
Filled with love and not fear;
Reaching for higher goals.

When we look back
On the progress we will make,
We’ll find no hurt or lack;
We’re alive and awake.



What do you get when you start with a dream,
Add a little hope and prayer;
Then share with a friend who helps you to see;
The possibilities there?

What do you get when you find your own heart,
Honoring and loving your soul?
AS you pour into others you will start
To realize you’re truly whole.

What do you get when permission is yours
To learn and grow each day?
To accept achievements along with errors;
To stumble along the way?

You get life that’s evolving and complete;
Clear while being unveiled;
You get your own way of expression so sweet,
That’s unique to your life’s tale.


My soul wears like a tunic over leggings:
Soft, flexible and vivacious
With a touch of lace for a pretty, feminine touch.

I’m gently colored with blue, purple and pink;
Subtle, interesting and striking
With a sprinkle of bling for joyful celebration.

My music is filled with delicate tones and harmonies;
Simple yet sophisticated;
An intricate expression of feelings, thoughts and dreams.

My story is made of intriguing mysteries and tales
Often told in poetic form;
Old and complete while it unfolds and grows even more.

I am learning to wear my soul comfortably;
Established and discovering;
The one who is so like others yet so uniquely me.


There is a living fire
That burns within my soul;
Often very brightly;
Then barely more than coals.

The flame receives its  fuel
From passions great and small;
Sometimes hot and furious;
Other times soft and small.

The fire sheds its light
Chasing darkness away
Until all can be seen
Like the fullness of day.

Sweet comfort and delight
Are kindled in the fire
That warms me from within
And lifts me ever higher.

I’m grateful for the life
This flame inspires in me;
I will always honor
And tend it carefully.


I will honor you
With hospitality;
Creating a space
For you as you’re meant to be.

I will honor you
In regard, word and deed,
For you’re a person
With ability and need.

Will you honor me
With acceptance and grace;
That grants me freedom;
Can you celebrate my place?

Holding each other
With such dignity
Will bring out the best
In who we are made to be.


She looked out the window, at nothing in particular.

This night seemed darker than most.  It was cold and windy.

“It would have looked pretty, had there been snow,” she thought, “like a Christmas card; but it’s just dark…”

She turned from the window to stoke the fire and try to find something to eat.  Nothing sounded good.  This would be her fourth, maybe even fifth time to the cupboard.  She closed the door and walked away again.

“I wonder,” she mused,
“if anyone realizes that this is Christmas and I am alone.”  This thought made her cry.

At last, she thought of something she would like:  A cup of tea and half of a peanut butter sandwich.

The old dog roused himself from sleep at the scent of something he loved.

“Oh, you,” the woman teased, “There’s a half for you to eat.”

As she and the old dog munched the sandwich, she began to feel better.

“I’m not alone after all:  I have Austin here…and I have myself.”

She stood and looked out the window again.

A lone star hung very brightly in the sky:  The sign of promise fulfilled.

She smiled.

“Merry Christmas, Austin,” she said.
The old dog wagged his tail and panted up at her with large, happy brown eyes.

“Marry Christmas to me as well,” she chuckled.



True peace comes when we can be at home with ourselves and enjoy the company.


My pastor gave me a challenge this morning:  To find a way to set new expectations for holidays.

Like so many people, I have few if any pleasant memories.  Instead there are the ones of Christmas full of arguments and conflict, too much alcohol…and more frequently, too much time alone.

I have pondered this a fair amount today.  What I am discovering is that I really don’t have a clue, so have backed up one question:  What would a happy holiday look and feel like?  What really matters to me?
The first answer is, relationships:  People who love me and whom I love, spending the day together.  To be more basic, the relationship I have with myself; things I can do that bring peace and joy into my own home.
So, what makes holidays happy for you?
Do you even think that is possible?  I think so, mostly because I understand that I have the power to create the tone and mood of my own life.

This can be extended to everyday life as well:

Happiness starts within:
What I think
Which leads to how I feel;
The things that I hold dear
And consider to be real.

Love, joy and peace are gifts:
Meant to bless;
Most essential for health;
Better when we share them;
Our greatest treasures and wealth.

We have the power to choose:

Will we live

Or squander life away?

Oh that we will decide
To choose the fullest each day.