Because the process of healing can take some time when it comes to our souls, it is worth writing a note of encouragement to you:
We are built to heal.  You have experience of this physically.  If you cut your finger, you can clean the wound, put a dressing on it and in a matter of a day, it is much better.
It is true that some wounds heal more slowly, because they are deeper or more severe.  If you break a bone, it will take six weeks for it to mend well enough to be out of a splint or cast; if you have a head injury, it will take two years before you know what is long term and what has healed.

If you are just getting out of an abusive relationship or are just beginning to have repressed memories come up, you may be thinking that you will never be well.  You will probably think this several times along the way:  There are things that simply involve an extended process.

I have often noticed that souls heal slowly and gently.  Oh, there are the “Ah-ha” moments and the sudden breakthroughs that come after plenty of learning, forgiving and smaller victories; hurray for those!  Some wounds need to wait until we have some strength and wellness going before we can address them.  consider it progress when you encounter such an injury.  If you think about it, there is no way you could have faced it a year ago!

In short, take courage.  Hang in there.

There’s an old saying, “The best revenge is to live well.”  I think we could rewrite this a bit:
The best revenge is to GET well!

May you have a hopeful, victorious journey.


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