My journey to wellness has been a long one.  That’s okay:  I had a lot to overcome.
More recently, this process has taken an interesting turn.  I have moved from trying to address what is “wrong” with me to focusing on what is strong, healthy and right.
A thing I learned many years ago is that we can only build on the good stuff:  What we want, our talents, gifts and strengths.  That which we don’t want and is broken are only holes in the ground; hard to put a structure there.
So what does healthy feel like?
I am discovering that I can check in with myself and know there will be a quiet, clear voice to answer.  I am more confident about who I am, accepting the vulnerable parts of my being and not worrying much at all about who I am not.

I find a constant sensation of  peace and hope where an underlying current of pain used to be.
Healthy also means respecting the process:  I have not arrived yet and don’t plan to this side of Heaven.  There is so much to explore, learn, create and do!

There are some things that get promoted in the name of wellness that really aren’t:
*Taking care of “number one” to the exclusion of everybody else:  This is just ego centrism and self absorption.  Healthy relationships make plenty of room for important people in our lives.  We are more able to honor and serve as we get well.
*Never having a problem:  Nice try!  This is only perfectionism at its worst.  WE are all life-long learners, in process and ever developing.
*Having the right job, perfect family and looking good:  Window dressing; all pretense; not real.  Let the first real challenge come along and this facade crumbles into a heap.

I’m still learning to be well; that’s more than okay, it’s great!  I look forward to every new experience, revelation and dilemma.
So, where are you in your journey to wellness?  Have you learned to be a sojourner?  If so, you are blessed and well on your way to strong health.


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