I was climbing a steep hill
When I slipped and skinned my knee.
It needed a good cleansing,
Some salve and a dressing;
Then it was fine and I moved on.

A limb hung over the path,
So that I needed to duck.
I didn’t bend low enough,
Bumped the top of my head,
Which gave me a painful “goose egg.”

As I tried to cross a log
That served as a natural bridge,
I fell into the water.
I shivered from the cold,
But dried off and went on my way.

All of these are just owwies
That come with life’s adventures.
They’re not the serious wounds
That take deeper healing;
They only slow us down a bit.

And when we are more wounded
By greater traumas in life,
We can know we’ll heal then, too.
We’re built to recover;
To overcome and move forward.


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