Because of the injuries in my soul, caused by trauma, I used to believe that I am unlovable.
“If only I…”  I would say, “then I’ll be worthy of love.”
Such a lie!
The truth is, each of us is lovable as he/she is.
Love is given, not earned.
It is the real “soul food.”
It is as essential to being alive as air and water.
Love fills us so we have some to share with those around us.
It is the connective tissue that builds us together in happy relationships.
Love opens the doors of our hearts, letting in light and fresh air.

To think that we must get to a certain point or level of “goodness” before we can be loved is as silly as thinking that an infant needs to grow up before being fed.

Actually, babies are a wonderful example of lovability without earning it:  They don’t do chores or say things just right; they eat, pee, poop and sleep; yet we adore them, just because they are.

One important lesson for me was that feeling unlovable was a judgement against myself.  It was fueled by the lies that people come to believe when they are abused.  It took many years for me to get free from all of that.  Indeed, it has been a long, often challenging process.

As I have been fed by people who love me, I have come to know that I am beautiful in my own way and lovable, just because I am.

How about you?  Do you know that you are awesomely and wonderfully made?
Do you know you are lovable, simply because  and just as you are?


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