A friend of mine has a granddaughter, who refers to herself as, “a self-rescuing princess.”

This young lady really stands on her own two feet.  She likes who she is, without needing a boyfriend to do that.

Oh, how different this is from myriads of women, now and in the past.
We get it from all sides, too:  Advertisements, books, movies, TV shows….

Again, this isn’t new.  When I was growing up, having a boyfriend and looking forward to marriage was the Number One objective for girls.  A career was definitely secondary.  Moreover, her worth and popularity were directly related to whom she dated.  Not to have a boyfriend was to be in the “less than” crowd.

I have great hope for the Self-Rescuing Princess.  I say she’ll go a long way because her experience of herself is coming from the inside out.  May other young women join her!


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