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I was climbing a steep hill
When I slipped and skinned my knee.
It needed a good cleansing,
Some salve and a dressing;
Then it was fine and I moved on.

A limb hung over the path,
So that I needed to duck.
I didn’t bend low enough,
Bumped the top of my head,
Which gave me a painful “goose egg.”

As I tried to cross a log
That served as a natural bridge,
I fell into the water.
I shivered from the cold,
But dried off and went on my way.

All of these are just owwies
That come with life’s adventures.
They’re not the serious wounds
That take deeper healing;
They only slow us down a bit.

And when we are more wounded
By greater traumas in life,
We can know we’ll heal then, too.
We’re built to recover;
To overcome and move forward.



Dreams I never imagined;
Insights that help to enlighten.
Sensations of thought and emotion;
Coming from new life within.
Overcoming doubts and fear;
Viewing life and myself in fresh ways.
Ever stronger and happier;
Resilient and whole;
Younger at heart than ever before.


There comes a time
To say good-bye
To all the hurts from the past.
When forgiveness,
Questions of why
Are answered and we’re free at last.

Things that happened
Will always be
Part of our journey and song.
Stories of how
We overcame
Bring courage and strength to move on.

Past hurts and pain
Don’t go away
When we repress and deny.
They are instead
Material for
Building and holding to a lie.

Take courage, then,
To heal and grow,
Until past hurts have no teeth.
Face the monsters;
Create new ways
To believe and feel, live and be.


In my soul, there’s a secret place,
Not even known by me;
It’s a   deep and untamed space
I’ve yet to explore and see.

In my heart, there’s a symphony
Music I’ve never heard;
With cadence and melody,
Strange and unfamiliar words.

In my mind, where a puzzle sits
I search to find the clues,
Made of mysterious bits;
They’re often easy to lose.

I’ve discovered much, and yet
There’s so much more to know,
I move on, my eyes are set
On this elusive goal.


People who are being battered and abused are called to believe some lies.  The deal is, lies are nothing but poison; wellness and freedom are found in rejecting them and holding to the truth.  here is a handful of examples –


LIE:  It’s my fault.  If I would just learn not to say anything or….”
TRUTH:  You are not responsible for another person’s behavior; he or she is.

LIE:  I can help him or her to change.
TRUTH:  Really?  Again, the power and responsibility lies with the one who is abusing; not with you.

LIE:  “I deserved that.”
TRUTH:  Nobody deserves to be hit or injured in any way; sleep deprivation, threats, silent treatment, tyranny forced sex and all other kinds of over powering are wrong.

LIE:  He or she loves me.
TRUTH:  no.  People who are healthy enough to love act with kindness and  respect.

LIE:  He or she is the best I can do; no one else would want me.
TRUTH:  It’s time to learn how to love yourself so that you will expect more in your next relationship.

LIE:  Things are okay…really!  Bruises heal; I’m still alive….
TRUTH:  It’s not okay.  The best thing to do is to leave and get to a safe place.  You can get help with sorting your feelings and deciding how to move forward from there.


I truly believe in safety first:  When we are not safe, we can’t address anything else.  Living in abusive situations are unsafe; period; end of story.

If you want to live a whole, happy life, take the first step.  Go to a shelter, to a friend’s house or the home of a safe family member.  Get into some counseling or a survivors group; make sure the one who is hurting you can’t find you or get to you right now.

Believe it or not, taking care of yourself is a giant step in the right direction.

By the way, I have known men who are being abused.  This applies to anyone, regardless of gender.



Sometimes I feel like a sojourner,
A stranger within my own soul;
Whose thoughts and feelings seem quite foreign,
Leaving me scattered rather than whole.

Other times I find more clarity,
When the fog of confusion lifts;
My thoughts and feelings speak for themselves;
I can appreciate strengths and gifts.

Time is essential for home building;
The land I explore is my self.
Its vastness and depth stretch forever;
The wholeness I find is my wealth.


Gentle words that comfort and heal;
Varied expressions to say how we feel
True and authentic to share what is real;
Words softly spoken or said with zeal.

Kindly words to help us draw near;
Love and affection that hold us so dear;
Articulation of passion so clear;
Meant to strengthen and keep us from fear.

But hurtful words should not be said;
Ones spoken with malice, hatred or dread.
Let all that we communicate be led
By honor and love, peacefully spread.